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Written by Sam Bhagwat, cofounder & chief strategy officer at Gatsby; programmer, analyst, writer; follow me on Twitter!

  1. Dec.30.22
  2. I’ve lived in Sacramento for about a year and a half. I’m divorced with a 5yo son and a 3yo daughter. And I absolutely love Sacramento…

  3. Aug.31.22
  4. A first-time startup founder friend who’s been an engineering leader but largely stayed away from watering holes like Twitter and HN asked…

  5. Epistemic status: definitely half-baked Here’s an idea I’ve playing with recently: In 5 years most common app features and functionality of…

  6. Nov.25.21
  7. Nov.22.21
  8. Nov.21.21
  9. Yesterday I talked about the Innovation Equation, an outgrowth of something I’ve been thinking about since I took a great econ class in…

  10. A large proportion of the world’s scalable innovation comes from the venture ecosystem — venture-backed startups, plus public companies that…

  11. Aug.31.21
  12. My friend Leo is a talented engineer building a software business. He got passionate about a specific area of the user journey and decided…

  13. It’s hard to remember now, but back in the early 2010s when we were all talking about social, local, and mobile, accelerators were pretty…

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  27. Oct.21.14
  28. I’m currently building an forecasting tool using Django, which has led to some interesting explorations of the levels of abstractions Django…

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